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Get a small business merchant cash advance instead of a loan from a top company

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Imagine a totally innovative way to grow your business.

A loan not based on rigid, structured repayment models but fine tuned to you and your business.

A loan that can take minutes to apply for, minutes to process and be accessed simply and efficiently whenever you need it.

A loan that does not require collateral.

A loan that can still be obtained despite your poor credit history and even if your business is a start up. A loan that can be used however you see fit: on staff hires, on raising working capital, on purchasing new equipment and more. A loan that can help you and your business thrive or even survive.

This is a merchant cash advance loan, a revolutionary new way to build your business beautiful.

The flexible loan you only pay back when you make card sales

What is a merchant cash advanceThe merchant cash advance loan relies on the latest technology and data analysis to ensure that the loan you get is bespoke to your business requirements.

This is not just a lump of money to be borrowed and repaid at a rate that does not work for you. Nor is this a business loan that has to be spent in a certain way and is more flexible than those offered by banks and the government.

A merchant cash advance is fully flexible, from the moment you apply for funding until you repay the final amount. It is a truly versatile lending method that could transform your business.

Loan taking advantage of technology

The technology involved monitors credit card payments through your business to collect data about the money you have coming in.

This amount is then used to calculate the right loan amount for you, and is also monitored as you repay the loan. This means that if you make more sales, you repay back more of the loan and clear the debt quickly.

It also means that if you have a quiet month of sales ñ perhaps a seasonal dip or problems with orders, for example ñ then the payments will be downgraded to an amount that suits your business and does not hamper your future prospects.

This intelligent repayment system is ideal for businesses that have peaks and troughs: for example, a restaurant that performs better in the summer months will not be struggling to meet repayments in the quieter winter months.

Flexible nature of merchant cash advance

Unlike a traditional loan, the flexible nature of a merchant cash advance means that you can spend the money on the things that matter to you. There is no need to produce reams of business plans to keep your bank manager happy.

If you know that multiple projects require your attention, or that a rebrand of your store will demand new fittings, new equipment and better marketing options, a merchant cash advance can cover all of these bases and more.

You can also obtain further funding easily too. This is not a one time offer that will pass you by.

Quicker than a bank loan

Another huge advantage is the speed and efficiency of the application process.

Quick financing with a merchant loan advanceAs well as using technology to calculate your loan repayments, the online application takes away the stress of traditional meetings with high street lenders.

By filling in an online submission form and providing some information about your business, you can get an instant decision about your application process.

And because the merchant cash advance loan is tied into your credit card sales, the money can be available for your use in a matter of hours, not weeks or months as is the norm.

Helping different types of business

Merchant cash advance loans have helped a number of different businesses and types of business owner.

Retail, hospitality, construction, services: you name it, they have used merchant cash advances to advance their prospects. The loan is a great way to purchase specialist equipment that would normally require collateral from a lender, or the ideal way to replenish stock.

The speedy application makes it a fantastic way to cover for sudden rises in costs or business opportunities that would otherwise be passed up on, and it can also make a good rainy day fund for a loan that is there whenever you need it.

Ideal for established and startup businesses

A merchant cash advance is open to start-ups, small business owners and is also an increasingly popular option for established businesses that want a funding model that suits their individual needs rather than their lenders.

Your money is available quickly with the minimum fuss, and your personal finances are kept separate. So even if your credit history is poor you can be sure that there is an option to help your business grow.

The technology behind a merchant cash advance guarantees that your business will not be crippled by market forces out of your control, and gives you all the data you need to build your company.

A merchant cash advance is an innovative and enterprising way to raise the capital your business needs and deserves. By removing the fuss and frugality that banks, credit unions and others persevere with, you are left with a financing system that intelligently monitors and adapts to how you and your business performs.

And by separating your personal finances from those of your business, entrepreneurs are not punished for poor credit history or their relative inexperience. Instead you are given a loan that is easy to apply for, easy to obtain, easy to monitor and easy to repay.

Embrace the future of financing and find out how to get the right merchant cash advance company to let a loan transform your business.

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