About Us

Mission Statement

Our objective is to help owners of small and medium sized businesses grow their organizations. Small businesses are the heart of the Canadian economy and responsible for huge numbers of jobs around the country. We want to help business owners safeguard those jobs and create even more.

Given the huge contribution of small business owners to job creation and the country’s well-being, it’s incredible how much the odds are stacked against them in terms of funding. Every business needs money to make money, but most get denied bank loans and others pay loan brokers through the nose.

That’s where Merchant Lenders come in.

With the simple application for our finance options, small business owners can apply to have their funding needs met so they can stop worrying about making payroll, stock inventory or expanding into that new location and get on with running their business.

We operate in the interests of local business and transparency isn’t just a buzzword for us – it’s a founding principle. As well as helping to grow local businesses we are dedicated to growing our because we know that means greater stability for our clients and the opportunity to help even more people contribute to society and the economy. Our task is bigger than one single person or one single company and we’re always focused on the next step without leaving anyone behind.

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