16 June

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Using Funds to Grow Your Business

All business owners think about finances for the company’s growth and operational developments. It comes down to knowing the available options, and whether you need to borrow in the form of a loan, or take an advance to cover internal expenditures like payroll, procurement of supplies and inventories. When it becomes necessary, we fit all businesses with the best program. In just a few short steps, we’ll have everything we need for you to access funds.

“As a business owner concerned about funding to grow my business, taking the time to see all of the options and what works best made the difference for future success versus ongoing struggle.”

Financing options in the form of short term advances or long term loans can help with company expansion, renovation of new or existing buildings, as well as, adding critical stock to the inventory. Businesses in the market sectors where growth and revenues are strong experience slower payment cycles affecting the company’s cash flow.

“. . .more than 1.1 million nonfarm businesses file tax forms as individual proprietorships, partnerships, or any type of corporation, and with receipts of $1,000 …….”

Statistics show four out of five business owners are going to experience cash flow challenges. One of the easiest solutions is to use a merchant lender to help bridge the financial gaps. Cash flow gaps are difficult to avoid, mainly because it’s an integral part of business especially with the rapid pace of modern technology increasing financial demands.

Merchant lending provides business owners with the cash they need to meet their business goals using cash advances or term loans. Companies experiencing rapid growth reach a business stage sooner and need immediate cash to sustain the new growth and purchase inventory. Your company has the opportunity to thrive, by learning how merchant lending can help you significantly increase the odds of securing the capital that makes sense for the business.

Benefits of Having Internal Funding

There’s never going to be a day when businesses don’t need money to grow. “It takes money to make money, right? Whether it’s for advertising, marketing or expanding into uncharted waters, the benefits of having a merchant lender can help to support the planned growth. Internal funding is a benefit that Merchant Lenders can offer to your business to help speed up the process of a merchant loan. It has helped businesses in need of immediate cash within two days to fund slow billing cycles and sustain new business development. Additional benefits include a wide range of loans or advances to fit your business paying less interest compared to external funding through traditional banking institutions.

Understanding how a company with internal funding processes can help with short-term situations and long-term planning as an effective management tool for business owners is a major advantage. Why? The less red tape your business has to go through to get the capital you need, the easier it will be for your company to succeed. Keep in mind that your company needs access to fast money. Gaining funding in a few days versus a few months could make the difference of your business succeeding or failing quickly. Unlike competitors, Merchant Lenders has an internal funding process that will make gaining capital a quick and easy process for your company.

Merchant Lenders internal funding isn’t linked to credit worthiness in most cases. Approvals are linked to financial performances and real time results. Today’s technology is helping companies to grow faster along with improved economics. Merchant lenders are looking at today’s performance to support tomorrow’s achievements when it comes to closing the cash flow gaps, compared to the traditional approvals based on previous year’s performance.

It’s this mindset of using internal funding that offers the benefit of immediate cash or loans, allowing Merchant Lenders to offer quick and painless loans to business owners. At the same time, internal funding allows Merchant Lenders to offer small businesses with limited resources loans that they otherwise couldn’t receive.

Business growth is a part of development along with cash flow challenges. Today’s economy presents a solution to meet market demands and new business opportunities with alternative funding options. The company’s attention should be focused on retaining and developing new business with a reliable cash stream to meet these opportunities and sustain expenses impacting the company’s future.

The benefits of using internal funding offers solutions to lessen the cash flow gaps, while developing a controlled and manageable return for business owners. These methods of funding offer flexibility on the funds needed, establishing future advances for backing the company’s projected growth and expansion without interruption to day to day operations.

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